Turl Street Kitchen & Oxford Hub

Fundraising campaign materials.

Turl Street Kitchen and Oxford Hub fundraising campaign flyers

To celebrate Student Volunteering Week 2015, we launched a joint campaign between Turl Street Kitchen and Oxford Hub. Customers we asked to add an additional £1 to their food bill when eating at Turl Street Kitchen. I designed printed materials to explain the relationship and to give tangible examples of the impact the Hub has. The first time we ran the campaign, for 3 weeks, we raised £838.

To date, we have run the campaign at intervals throughout the year, raising over £3,500. The most recent instance of the campaign has also been supported by a funder who is matching donations. This increases the running total to over £5,500.

I have really enjoyed project managing the campaign alongside designing the materials, I find it very satisfying to be able to daily check how many donations we’ve had and solve any problems. It has also been really valuable to manage relationships across ventures, across differing priorities, and across different motivations.

Ideally, we’d find a way to integrate the campaign so it can run all year, consolidating and increasing awareness of the relationship. I think this would be mutually beneficial, adding value to TSK’s brand, and acting as a sustainable funding stream for Oxford Hub.

Turl Street Kitchen and Oxford Hub fundraising campaign flyers

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