Student Hubs Website

Working at Student Hubs led to some great projects with a wide scope and room for creativity, but with pretty short deadlines. This was one of those projects.

The Student Hubs’ website was confusing, looked tired and was horrible to edit. The (self-written) brief was to make it simple, fresh and accessible. I volunteered as project manager and took up the mantle with trepidation – as with a lot of design, a lot of people have very strong feelings.

To start the rejuvenation we assembled a team, scoped out the project and did some competitor analysis. We knew we needed to be thorough in our evaluation of competitors, our assessment of our needs, and all our reasoning. Once we had these established as a foundation, the team each worked on their separate areas to collate the content, design the layout and icons, and ensure the technical wizardry would work.

The team all did a fantastic job, we all pulled together really well and created something I’m proud of. As it’s a website, it’s always a work in progress, and there are many things I would like to improve, but with just 8 weeks from project proposal to finished project, I’m happy. This is what we made:

Some more of my work: