Hub Ventures

Branding and responsive website design

Hub Ventures website design

Designing the brand and website for Hub Ventures, the parent organisation of Student HubsTurl Street KitchenWorthwhile and Tower House, was an exciting project. Bringing multiple strands and styles together into something that visually represents the values of the group, whilst letting each venture speak for itself was a great challenge.

I went back to basics, thinking through the strengths and intentions of Hub Ventures as a parent organisation and its core beliefs. This led me to learning and support being two of the key benefits. Representing learning without cliched visual metaphors meant looking right in front of me. Having used a dotted isometric pad to write notes on, I experimented with subtle background dots to provide a foundation for the graphic style.

I really enjoyed creating the brand for Hub Ventures, and designing and coding a lot of the website was really satisfying. Pushing myself into designing for multiple screen sizes, then coding the media queries to ensure that the website looks great at all sizes has been very valuable experience. Check out the site here:

Hub Ventures website design

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