Hampshire Alcohol Partnership

Outdoor advertising campaign, press, print materials.

Hampshire Alcohol Partnership campaign design

Although a University project, this was also a live brief presented to our class by a representative from the Hampshire Alcohol Partnership; a coalition of the County Council, Constabulary and NHS Trust. Their goal was to reduce alcohol consumption across Hampshire. Although an affluent county, there were areas they wanted to target with an advertising campaign to reduce binge drinking.

From the start of this brief, I wanted to ensure that I produced something positive. A lot of behaviour change campaigns focus on the negative aspects or results of the behaviour, but I wanted to produce something that would challenge that. I thought the audience were bored of being told what to do and ignored patronising messages.

Building on the ‘glass half full’ idiom, I wanted to emphasise the positive aspects of reducing drinking: reduced expenditure, fewer calories and a decrease in drunken-ness!

Following testing with a focus group, my idea was picked up and used by the Hampshire Alocohol Partnership with designs used on outdoor displays, in local newspapers and even on takeaway curry lids.

Hampshire Alcohol Partnership campaign designs
Hampshire Alcohol Partnership newspaper advertising
Hampshire Alcohol Partnership bus stop outdoor advertising

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