Divine Chocolate

Poster campaign ideas

Divine Chocolate poster ideas

A self-directed university project. I wanted to explore combining selling a product focusing on both taste and ethics – choosing Divine Chocolate as an exciting brand. Although each poster would require a single message – either taste or ethics, I chose to use an element of the Divine logo, the heart icon, to create the campaign strapline: ‘Divine – Chocolate with a heart’.

Using the infamous (butchered) Winston Churchill quote “blood, toil, tears and sweat” written in melted chocolate, led the campaign in one direction, whilst exploring hand-printing methods such as lino printing influenced a more tactile approach.

As I experimented with different techniques, I decided to exclusively create imagery by hand, ensuring visual consistency. The final materials combine the lino-printed heart, chocolate writing, and photography to create two campaigns: one focussing on the range of flavours, the other on the product ethics.

Divine Chocolate print campaign idea
Divine Chocolate chocolate writing

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